3 reasons why the LA Chargers should let Mike Williams walk after 2021

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Mike Williams has already set a career-best in receptions and is well on his way to setting a new career-best in receiving yards for the LA Chargers this season. Williams started out the season strongly and while he has been cold in recent weeks, his overall numbers have been solid.

Williams is a free agent after this season and after his hot start to the 2021 season he seemingly already earned a new contract with the Bolts. However, after seeing how the rest of the season has panned out, and what this team needs, it is clear that the Bolts can move on from Williams after 2021.

3 reasons why the LA Chargers should move on from Mike Williams after 2021:

1. Mike Williams is inconsistent

If this season has shown us anything it is that Mike Williams is the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Williams started the season looking like one of the best receivers in the league and it finally looked like the seventh overall selection on him was going to be worthwhile. Since then, Williams has returned back to where he has spent most of his career, looking more like a WR3 than a WR1.

He has still had some big moments, such as his game-winning touchdown against the Steelers, but that was more of a bust in coverage than anything else. Williams has not been consistently able to play like a top-tier wide receiver and the Chargers should not pay him like one if he can only play like that 30% of the time.

This also accounts for his injury history as well. While he has been mostly healthy all of 2021, Williams does not have a great injury history and it can be hard to commit that much money to someone with that kind of past.

HIs inconsistencies might be a sign of something bigger, though, which gets into our second reason.