Why the LA Chargers might not re-sign Uchenna Nwosu this offseason

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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The LA Chargers are going to be a busy team this offseason. The Bolts are coming off of a disappointing 9-8 finish that failed to give Justin Herbert his first playoff appearance and with ample cap space and 11 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, Brandon Staley is going to have the chance to build his version of what he wants the roster to be.

Coming with the ample cap space is a catch, though. The Chargers have several big-name free agents that they either have to re-sign or replace, including 2018 second-round pick Uchenna Nwosu.

Nwosu plays a critical position on the edge and he has become a bit of a fan favorite on the Chargers. However, he also does seem to have the highest chance of being signed by another team this offseason. The fact of the matter is that Tom Telesco does not re-sign many drafted players to second contracts and Nwosu could be another example of that.

The LA Chargers do have two reasons to potentially let Uchenna Nwosu walk.

This is by no means an article that is meant to pound the table to let Nwosu walk. However, there are two main reasons why the Chargers might convince themselves to let Nwosu pursue greener pastures this offseason.

As a Charger fan, you just have to hope that Telesco and co. make a good decision about the position, with or without Nwosu. Seeing Nwosu walk would be a bummer, but if the Bolts improve in the process, it is for the better.

Let's dive into the two reasons why the Chargers might let Uchenna Nwosu walk.