Free agents who are most likely to be stolen from the LA Chargers

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The LA Chargers have quite a few significant free agents this offseason. While that may be a concern for Charger fans, it is actually just fine as the Bolts have more than enough cap space to bring back the players that the team wants to bring back. Plus, it helps represent a new start for the defense, which really struggled in Brandon Staley's first year.

This offseason is going to be about fine-tuning the roster to be more aligned with Staley's vision for the team. The first-year head coach took over a roster that was meant to play a different style of defense and that was a big reason why the team struggled in certain areas.

There are several big-name free agents this offseason that the Chargers would benefit from re-signing. However, the NFL is a business at the end of the day and you cannot blame a single player for taking more money elsewhere if it is available.

The LA Chargers have to be prepared for certain free agents to be stolen from them this offseason.

Not every upcoming free agent is considered a "stolen" asset, though. Guys like Chris Harris Jr, Linval Joseph, Jared Cook, Justin Jackson and any lesser-name free agent wouldn't really be stolen as they can be easily replaced.

The stolen free agents are the impactful ones. Some of these free agents have a lesser chance of being stolen than their peers. In the following pages, we will break down the percentage chance of each of these big-name free agents being stolen, ranking them from the least likely to the most likely.