3 Giants the LA Chargers must exploit to win in Week 14

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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James Bradberry
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3. James Bradberry

The LA Chargers are without Keenan Allen in this game as Allen tested positive for covid-19 and the Giants are pretty lucky that is the case. If the Giants had to deal with Allen lining up against veteran cornerback James Bradberry then it would have been a problem for New York.

The Chargers are expecting Mike Williams to play and he certainly can exploit James Bradberry in coverage as well. Heck, even rookie Joshua Palmer could have a massive game based on the matchups that he is getting in the passing game. Regardless of who it is, this is an offense that is built on targeting certain matchups and the team should target Bradberry.

The veteran cornerback is easily having the worst season of his career and has arguably been one of the worst outside cornerbacks in the entire league. While he was never an elite cornerback, he is a former Pro Bowler who previously could hold his own. That is no longer true.

According to PFF, Bradberry has been targeted 70 times this season and has allowed 46 receptions. His 65.7% reception rate is the worst of his career and is the 14th-highest in the NFL among corners that have played 80% of coverage snaps this season. Quarterbacks have a 107.6 passer rating when targeting Bradberry this season and have thrown for eight touchdowns, which is the most in the league.

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Bradberry does have three interceptions on the year but that is nothing to worry about. As long as Justin Herbert makes the throws that he should be making then Bradberry is not going to beat him. He is only going to make a big play if Herbert gifts it to him.