LA Chargers must avoid making these 2 mistakes in 2022 NFL Draft

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David Ojabo
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2. Drafting David Ojabo

David Ojabo is one of the most talented edge-rushers in this class and early in the draft process, it seemed extremely unlikely that he would even be an option for the LA Chargers at 17. However, Ojabo then tore his Achilles during Michigan's Pro Day, lowering his draft stock in the process.

It is now a near-guarantee that Ojabo will be on the board for the Chargers with the 17th overall pick and the idea of the team landing a prospect who was potentially going to be in the top-10 before his injury may seem tantalizing to some, even if he does come at a position of need.

While the Chargers are currently set at edge rusher, a team can never have too much depth on the defensive line and getting a quality third rusher could allow the team to do some really creative things. For that reason, the Chargers probably should be taking an edge rusher in the mid-rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft.

But the entire reason of doing that is to add depth to what the team has in 2022. Ojabo is not going to play after tearing his Achilles and Achilles injuries are one of the most unpredictable injuries that an athlete can sustain. There is no guarantee that he is the same player when he gets healthy.

Ojabo does not help the cause in 2022 and thus, should be avoided. Sure, there is the potential that he still turns into a really talented edge rusher, but there is a handful of really talented edge rushers in every single draft.

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The reward is not worth taking the risk, especially considering the team's goals for the 2022 season.