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J.C. Jackson and the best signings in Chargers history

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As seen in recent history, a majority of the successful teams in the NFL benefit greatly from free agent signings. Most notably, the recent super bowl victory by the LA Rams was partially due to the mid-season additionsof Odell Beckham Jr. and Von Miller. The year before, Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay brought the Buccaneers a championship, and now teams are looking to splurge on talent to get the best chances to win the Super Bowl.

The Chargers having one of the top free agencies of 2022 is creating a lot of buzz around the football world. With all of this excitement, it is important to look back and see what free-agent moves panned out and which ones didn't so that the same mistake does not get made again.

We are going to look at some of the top free-agent signings that the Chargers have acquired (not including undrafted free agents) since their entrance into the league in 1960.

The 5 greatest free-agent signings in Chargers history:

J.C. Jackson - Cornerback - 2022

Starting off with this year's biggest free-agent signing, J.C. Jackson is one of the league's most prolific cornerbacks. Leading the league in takeaways in the past two seasons with 19 takeaways is something that Brandon Staley's defense is in desperate need of. Still, as a young player, he could continue to improve and make the rest of the defense around him better at the same time.

Adding a player like J.C. Jackson to a secondary including Derwin James as well as a young nucleus of corners in Asante Samuel Jr. and Michael Davis can be incredibly beneficial. Jackson has the potential to change this defensive back unit, similar to how Jalen Ramsey changed the Rams secondary after he left the Jaguars.

Even though Jackson has not played a snap in the powder blues, this is one of the biggest free-agent signings that the Chargers have ever made in their 62-year history.