4 best next moves for the LA Chargers after signing Gerald Everett

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4. LA Chargers trade down in the 2022 NFL Draft

The final step to this puzzle is the LA Chargers trading down in the 2022 NFL Draft. Based on the prospects that will be there for the Bolts at 17 and the potential needs on the roster, it makes all the sense in the world to trade down. In fact, there are several reasons why a trade-down feels inevitable for the Bolts.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the perfect team to target with the 20th pick. The Steelers need a quarterback and the New Orleans Saints are a wild-card team that could take a quarterback, so jumping the Saints to get the 17th pick makes sense for them.

With no second-round pick because of the Khali Mack trade, it absolutely makes sense for the Chargers to pick up another pick in the top-100 by moving down, and quite frankly, not really having a pressing need.

If the Chargers do the other moves listed on this article then there will not be a huge starting hole on the roster. That gives the team more flexibility to move down in the order and take the best defensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback, or linebacker on the board.

If the Chargers don't sign a right tackle and Trevor Penning is there at 17 then the team might not have any other option than to take him and not have another pick for 52 picks.

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However, by addressing those needs with cheaper (but still quality) options, the Chargers can make the smartest move of moving down in the 2022 NFL Draft to pick up more capital without sacrificing much.