Bolts take different DT over Jordan Davis in 7-round Chargers mock draft

Jason Reed
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The LA Chargers are going to be an interesting team to watch during the 2022 NFL Draft. The Bolts have been one of the most aggressive teams in the league this offseason and if that aggression translates to the draft then we may see a lot of movement.

Trading down from the 17th pick seems inevitable at this point and most Chargers mock drafts should reflect something along those lines as it is too good of an opportnuity for the Bolts to pass up.

However, today's Chargers mock draft is a bit different. We are not going to trade down from the 17th pick, and in fact, we are not going to be making any user picks, either. Instead, we are hoping over on the Pro Football Focus mock draft simulator to let the computer decide who the Chargers will draft.

We ran the simulation, as normal, but instead of making user picks we selected a different team and let the computer make all of the selections for the Chargers.

The first pick of this LA Chargers mock draft is a shocker.

Right off the bat, there was a surprise as the Chargers drafted a defensive tackle with the 17th overall pick but the team did not draft Jordan Davis, who many think is destined to be a Charger in two months.

Let's dive into that surprising first selection by the Chargers as well as the rest of this full seven-round LA Chargers mock draft.