LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC West after Week 2 results

Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers
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Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen
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3. LA Chargers (-1)

The LA Chargers played extremely sloppy in Week 2 and it would be unfair to rank them any higher than no. 2 at this point in time. While I think it is safe to say that they are the second-most talented team in the AFC West, we also have to consider the results and how the team played.

Yes, the referees were horrible in this game and they definitely deserve some of the blame but it is not like the Chargers played some amazing game that got taken away. It is hard to say that they deserved to win this game, and while Dallas might not have either, they executed when they needed to.

If Tristan Vizcaino does not miss a field goal and this game goes into overtime and Justin Herbert drives down the field and caps it off with a touchdown then this would be a different conversation and a different ranking.

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However, that is not what ultimately happened and the Chargers now have to live with the results. The team is heading into its toughest stretch of the entire 2021 season and if they can escape the next six weeks at 3-3 that might be good enough. A 4-2 record in the next six would be tremendous.

Week 3 presents a huge opportunity for the Bolts in the Kansas City Chiefs. While I would not be ready to rank them first with just one win over KC, they definitely would be lobbying for the top spot.