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LA Chargers: Most surprising snap counts from Week 2 loss

Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers / Harry How/Getty Images
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The LA Chargers played a sloppy game in Week 2 and had to pay for it against the Dallas Cowboys. While the referees certainly did not help the Chargers' cause, it is hard to make a case that the Chargers should have won that game, because they shouldn't have.

You can also make the case that Dallas did not deserve to win either but they ultimately got the job done at the end of the day. They made one more field goal than the Bolts (who missed one) and won by three.

While Week 1 was promising, this was a good reminder that this is still a brand-new coaching staff that is looking to implement a new culture. The entire staff except for defensive line coach Giff Smith is brand new and when you have that kind of turnover there are going to be hiccups early on.

While there is nothing yet to complain about when it comes to Brandon Staley, there are some surprises.

Two LA Chargers snap counts, in particular, were the most surprising.

There was one player on offense and one player on defense that had a surprising snap count. Honorable mention to Trey Pipkins, who played six snaps in this game. Quite frankly, he should not be playing any offensive snaps.