Kenneth Murray trade and 7 other awful moves Tom Telesco butchered

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Tom Telesco has been the general manager of the LA Chargers for a decade now and in that long of a time frame there are naturally going to be some hits and some misses. Expecting a GM to be absolutely perfect over that long of a timeframe is setting yourself up for failed expectations.

That being said, it is still fair to point out the big whiffs that Telesco has had since taking over the job with the Chargers. As it stands right now a decade into his tenure, there are eight really bad moves that stand out above the rest, which really is not that horrible all things considered.

Tom Telesco's 8 worst moves as Chargers GM:

8. Signing Bryan Bulaga to an expensive three-year deal

This was not totally Telesco's fault as he did not have a crystal ball and could not see into the future to know that Bulaga would be hurt in each of his two seasons with the tean before being cut to save money against the salary cap.

But that is the risk of signing an older player to a multi-year contract and that is why Telesco is still getting criticized by his peers for making moves like the Eric Kendricks signing. That being said, Bulaga directly helped recruit Corey Linsley, making this move a bit better in hindsight.

7. Signing Chris Harris to an expensive two-year deal

Chris Harris was signed in the same offseason as Bulaga and in many ways, it represents how the 2020 offseason was a whiff by the Bolts. Outside of Justin Herbert, the team did not make that many great decisions and the roster is still paying for it three years later.

The draft was bad outside of Herbert (more on that later) and the "big-name" free-agent signings did not really pan out. Bulaga hardly played, Chris Harris regressed and Linval Joseph was fine but wasn't really anything special.