Kenneth Murray is being hyped by Chargers teammates ahead of huge fourth season

Maybe Kenneth Murray finally will break out once and for all

New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers
New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

After making a franchise-altering selection with the sixth pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the LA Chargers traded both the team's second and third-round pick to move up to the 23rd overall pick to select Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray.

There was a ton of excitement around Murray and what he could do for the Chargers. He was one of the most athletic defensive players in the entire draft and gave the Chargers that point-and-shoot linebacker that the team desperately needed.

The results, however, were not great. Murray struggled in his rookie season, was moved to edge rusher for part of his sophomore season, and put together another poor season in year three. Murray has been the odd man out in Brandon Staley's defense, so much so that the team declined his fifth-year rookie option.

Many fans are expecting another poor season out of Murray as those same fans consider him to be one of the worst players on the Chargers roster. He definitely will be if he continues to play at the same level. However, there is at least some reason to be hopeful that his fourth season will finally be a good one thanks to defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day, who raved about Murray in camp.

Kenneth Murray might be a changed man for the Chargers in 2023

Of course, this is just training camp and it is really easy to look good in practice compared to a game. Joseph-Day also isn't going to come out and say that his teammate is struggling. It is common for a player to hype up his own teammate as there is obvious bias there.

That being said, SJD made it a point to differentiate between Murray in 2023 and Murray in 2022. Specifically citing that Murray has made strides since last season is a big deal and could be a sign of good things to come this season.

Plus, this is not the first time that Murray has received love from one of his defensive teammates. New veteran linebacker Eric Kendricks also heaped praise on Murray, saying that the sky is the limit for the young linebacker. You do not get two veterans to heap praise on you in the media if you are still struggling.

Of course, every Chargers fan is right to keep their guard up and wait until they see it with Murray, He has played poorly for long enough now that it has become an expectation. But the writing is still on the wall for the best year of Murray's career.