Nick Wright slams Keenan Allen on a TV tirade over Tyreek Hill trade response

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The biggest story in the NFL this week is that the Kansas City Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins after failing to agree to an extension with the star receiver. This added to what was already a great offseason for the LA Chargers and even the players on the team were happy to see him go. Keenan Allen himself chimed in on Instagram, saying that the move was going to expose some people.

Chief fans are obviously not very happy that their favorite team just traded away one of the best receivers in franchise history and they are equally upset about Allen's response, which seems to most likely be about Patrick Mahomes.

Fox Sports' Nick Wright is one of the Chief fans who seems to be the most upset about Allen's comments. Wright, known for being a KC fan and dealing in the art of hot takes, went on a tirade on Friday's episode of 'First Things First', bashing Allen in every possible way.

Safe to say that Keenan Allen won't be appearing on 'First Things First' ever and if he ever is on a program with Wright then he will probably have something to say to the television personality.

Not only did Nick Wright bash Keenan Allen, but he sent a stray shot to Justin Herbert as well.

Perhaps the most upsetting line for Charger fans during Wright's tirade was him proclaiming that maybe Allen wishes we was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs so he could catch balls from Patrick Mahomes.

Look, there is no reason to do what Wright is doing and bash Mahomes just to elevate Herbert, but this is ridiculous. Nobody that watches the game of football thinks that Herbert isn't an elite quarterback and there is a pretty good chance that he wins the MVP award over Patrick Mahomes in 2022.

The 14th-best receiver in the league comment is ridiculous, but we just have to give some context to Wright, who is obviously seeing Allen through Chiefs-tinted glasses. Over the last three seasons, Allen ranks sixth in receiving yards and third in receptions among wide receivers. Yes, he does rank 15th in touchdowns with 20, so apparently that is enough to call him the 14th-best receiver.

The best part is that Allen has more receptions than Hill does over that span and Hill only has 46 more receiving yards. Allen has a better catch percentage. If Allen is the 14th-best receiver in the league, what does that make Hill?

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While Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are thriving with Justin Herbert under center in 2022, Patrick Mahomes is going to be hoping that he can elevate Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. I know which duo I would rather have.