Justin Herbert's new teammate says all the right things about the Chargers' QB

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Herbert is undeniably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. While Herbert gets way more flak for the LA Chargers' lack of team success than he deserves, anyone who watches LA's signal-caller knows he is one of the league's best.

Herbert has done all of this despite the deck being stacked against him throughout his career. The Chargers have not been a beacon of consistency since Herbert was drafted, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Herbert is learning his fourth offense in five years and has only repeated the same offense from one year to the next once in his career.

Offensive change is happening once again in 2024 with Jim Harbaugh taking over as head coach. Harbaugh tapped in Greg Roman, who deploys a run-heavy offense, to bring offensive consistency back to the Chargers.

Thankfully, in addition to being insanely talented Herbert is also uniquely intelligent. Even though it is his fourth offense in five years, Herbert has taken to this offense as if he has been in it for years. Chargers center Bradley Bozeman (who previously played under Roman) had nothing but great things to say about Herbert and how he has adapted to this offense (h/t Eric Smith, Chargers.com).

"It was a great transition with Justin. He's a hell of a quarterback and you notice that before we even put on the pads yet. The guy is so serious about what he does and I am all for that. It's been great getting to work with him and build that rapport. My goal was to come in and try and be as perfect as I could to earn that respect and have it be mutual. It's been a good start.

He acts like he's been in the system for 10 years. He dives so deep into the system and knew it so well before anyone else could even grasp it. It's been impressive to see him put people in the right positions and just elevate people around him."

Bradley Bozeman heaps immense praise on Justin Herbert

It is hard to find someone who plays with Herbert and has something negative to say about him (although they do exist). Bozeman joins the long list of Chargers teammates who have not only gone to bat for Herbert but have talked about him in high regard.

If anyone on this offense knows what it takes to learn Roman's system and succeed it is Bozeman. Bozeman is a key piece in gluing the entire offense together as the team's center. His understanding of the system and what needs to be done is imperative to the team's success.

And if he is already raving about Herbert picking up the offense then the results are only going to speak for themselves. If Herbert is already picking up the offense now just imagine what it will look like in several months when he has eight games under his belt. Or what it might look like in January if the team makes the playoffs.

Herbert is a truly special quarterback and there are very few in the league like him who would be comfortable with this kind of offense inconsistency. Bozeman is simply reminding Chargers fans of that reality.