Former Chargers teammate doesn't shy away from slamming Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Charges OTA Offseason Workout
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It goes without saying that Justin Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL. Herbert has played at a high level from the moment he was inserted as a spot starter in his rookie season with the LA Chargers.

However, because of several factors that include a lack of supporting cast, bad defense, injuries, and a whole lot of bad luck, Herbert has not had the success early in his career that other great quarterbacks have had. Herbert has made the playoffs just once and does not have a playoff win to his name.

For many Chargers fans, this is deja vu back to the days when Philip Rivers was under center for the Bolts. Just like with Rivers, this has led the NFL world to be critical of Herbert, even when it might seem unfair.

It is one thing for a fan or media personality to be critical of Herbert, it is a completely different thing for one of Herbert's former teammates to do the same thing. Former Chargers cornerback Chris Harris appeared on FanDuel TV's "Up and Adams" show and did just that, citing that Herbert lacks the "clutch" factor that other great quarterbacks have/had.

Former Chargers cornerback Chris Harris questions Justin Herbert's clutch factor

Chris Harris also goes on to explain some of the other things working against Herbert, such as the fact that he has never had a great defense like those other quarterbacks. And while he definitely outlines that he thinks Herbert is talented, the fact that he is pointing out his clutch factor is something.

Whether or not Chargers fans agree with Harris does not matter. He is someone who shared a locker room with Herbert and his opinion has more merit than any fans' does.

This is not the first time that one of Herbert's has publicly been willing to talk about his clutch (or leadership) ability in the past. Back in early 2022, Austin Ekeler went on "Undisputed" and did not challenge Skip Bayless when he dissected Herbert's inexperience and inability to lead the Chargers to the win in the 2022 NFL Wild Card Round. All Ekeler had to say was "that is what inexperience does to you".

Fans may disagree, but this isn't nothing. While Herbert has undoubtedly had many moments in his career that seemingly prove these sentiments wrong, there is at least a track record of some of his teammates not thinking he can deliver in the clutch.

And that alone could be an issue. If Herbert's own teammates are thinking that he is lacking that certain clutch factor then they become much more unlikely to perform in the clutch, too.

At the end of the day, Herbert will be fine and these comments are probably a bit overblown and are more situational than anything else. But is still something to continue to monitor, especially as Herbert plays his first season under Jim Harbaugh.