Joshua Palmer set up to thrive amid Chargers wide receiver news

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The LA Chargers take on the New York Giants in Week 14 of the 2021 NFL season and anyone that owns part of the Bolts' offense was likely gearing up for a huge week. However, it was reported on Monday that Keenan Allen was put on the covid-19/reserve list with a positive test and on Wednesday it was reported that Mike Williams was also put on the list.

Williams was put on the list as a non-vaccinated close contact of Allen's, meaning that he can play in Week 14 so long that he does not test positive and remains symptom-free. Allen, meanwhile, has to post two negative tests at least 24 hours apart while also being symptom-free for 48 hours. Williams seems on track to play but it is not a guarantee. It would be a surprise if Allen played, though. Charger fans should expect the team to be without at least one receiver.

Luckily, the Bolts are not taking on a great opponent in the Giants, which has been the saving grace for Charger fans during this news. However, the fact still remains that the wide receiver room is extremely thin in Week 14, making it even more important for the Bolts to make a potential depth signing.

While this does make things harder for the Bolts, it does create an opportunity for another player on the LA Chargers to have a big statement game; an arrival of sorts to prove that he is exactly who the LA Chargers thought he would be in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Joshua Palmer is primed to have a huge game for the LA Chargers.

The number of receivers that are out will dictate how many targets Palmer gets in this game. If both receivers play then it will be business as usual. If one receiver is out then we will probably see Palmer get 5-7 targets, if both are out he probably will see 8-10.

While that might sound scary considering he has not done much this season, Palmer is a really talented rookie receiver who simply has not gotten the chance to produce yet at a high level. He certainly has the route running to be successful and has sure-enough hands for Justin Herbert to trust him.

The Chargers are not going to completely change the offense if Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are out. They might try and run the ball marginally more to control the clock and simply get past the New York Giants. That being said, this is an offense built around putting the ball in Justin Herbert's hand and they are not going to completely change that because of his weapons.

That means that Palmer will get a substantial role in the offense. While Jalen Guyton is higher than Palmer on the depth chart, Palmer's skillset is more suited to do what the Chargers try and do in early downs than Guyton's is.

Heck, we have already seen Palmer play in this role. He was the no. 1 target for the team in the preseason and Palmer solid. Yes, it is just the preseason and the level of competition is far lower but he also had backup quarterbacks throwing to him. He understands the system and was good in it.

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Joshua Palmer has what it takes to have a big game and now there is a situation in which he finally will get the opportunity to prove that. He is the LA Chargers player to watch in Week 14.