Joshua Palmer says the quiet part out loud about Jim Harbaugh, Brandon Staley

Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Chargers hired the biggest name to hit the head-coaching market in recent NFL history this past offseason in Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh ushers in a new era of Chargers football that fans are hoping will result in the team's first Super Bowl.

While the Chargers' roster may not have undergone significant upgrades this offseason, it is hard to think of a bigger upgrade at head coach. Not only did the Chargers hire someone who has won every single place he has been, but the team replaced a polarizing head coach who watched his locker room quit on him against the Las Vegas Raiders.

It is water under the bridge at this point for Brandon Staley, who is now on Kyle Shanahan's coaching staff in San Francisco. Chargers fans won't forget how sloppy last season was under Staley, though, and thankfully the new coaching staff couldn't be any more different.

Joshua Palmer heaps massive praise on Chargers coaching staff

This is exactly what fans want to hear at this point in the calendar year. Of course, no player is going to go up to the media and say anything negative about their own coaching staff but to hear this kind of praise is still very refreshing for Chargers fans.

Harbaugh has won with every single team he has coached at every level. There is a reason why. He might not be an offensive mastermind or a defensive wizard but he is someone who knows how to put together a coaching staff, how to build a roster, and how to coach to that roster's strengths.

For the first time in what feels like forever, Chargers fans can confidently say that the Bolts have a head coach who will elevate the team. For many years now, the Chargers have had a head coach that held the Bolts back despite all of the talent on the roster.

The immense attention to detail that Palmer is talking about is only going to result in great things for the Bolts. It might not happen right away, but this is how a Super Bowl foundation is built. It does not happen overnight and it does not happen by accident. Harbaugh and his staff are looking at every meticulous detail to realize this goal and players are already starting to take notice.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Harbaugh and his staff would be a massive upgrade over the coaching staff that led the way last season. Either way, though, it is nice to see this new staff get so much love from the players this early on.