Brandon Staley takes high road in first comments since ugly Chargers exit

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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It wasn't long ago that the LA Chargers looked to be in good hands under the analytically-driven Brandon Staley. The former Chargers head coach won fans and the media over with his impassioned first press conference and folks grew fond of his fearless coaching style that centered on trying to convert fourth downs in high-leverage situations.

It didn't take long for Staley to grow stale in Los Angeles, though. The Chargers' defense was a perennial underachiever under the defensive-minded Staley. Making tone-deaf comments following losses in which he made questionable decisions only worsened the situation.

Staley was a dead-man walking for most of last season and the Chargers finally pulled the plug on him and general manager Tom Telesco after the team's 63-21 loss to the Raiders on Thursday Night Football in December.

It looked for a while that Staley wouldn't get another coaching opportunity this hiring cycle, but he landed a surprisingly solid gig as the 49ers' new assistant head coach. With OTAs up and running in San Francisco, Staley addressed his Chargers exit for the first time publicly.

Brandon Staley takes high road in discussing Chargers' firing

Staley did a lot of self reflection in the months that followed his Chargers exit. Though Staley left the team on ugly terms following one of the worst losses in franchise history, he had nothing negative to say about the Chargers. It sounds like Staley has treated the ordeal as a learning experience.

"You take a deep look at all of it. You have to unpack it the right way. You have to take time to do that, which I did,” Staley said of getting fired, via the San Jose Mercury News. “You have to talk to a lot of different people who can help you. I read a lot. I worked out a lot. I was with my kids. Through all that, doing it the right way, it led me to an opportunity here and I was ready for it."

Staley still isn't a popular figure around these parts, but he didn't throw shade or drop hints that he's holding a grudge or out for revenge. He handled his firing like a professional and there's something to be said for that considering that pettiness is prevalent around the NFL.

These comments allow for a water-under-the-bridge opportunity for Bolts fans. After all, the Chargers have kickstarted a new era under the beloved Jim Harbaugh and Staley has made peace and landed on his feet in San Francisco.

It's time to let bygones be bygones.

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