Jim Harbaugh upsets Michigan, 49ers fans with bold Chargers claim

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For many Chargers fans, it still does not feel real that Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the team. After weeks of speculation, the Chargers actually made the home run hire that ownership was never willing to make in past years.

Harbaugh has won everywhere he has coached in his career and that is why he was so sought after. Hiring Harbaugh really is ushering in a new era for the Chargers and now it does seem possible that the team could win a Super Bowl in the next five years.

After all, the Chargers have two of the most important parts of the equation locked down; the team has an elite quarterback and a winning head coach. When a team has those two things set in stone, the rest of the roster typically falls into place.

Harbaugh knows that he is joining a special situation in LA thanks in large part to Herbert being the quarterback. The Chargers head coach said as much while speaking to the media on Tuesday, admitting that this is the best job he has ever started with in his coaching career.

Jim Harbaugh has a head start with the Chargers compared to Michigan, 49ers

Harbaugh accomplished a lot with the Michigan Wolverines and San Francisco 49ers, winning a National Championship and making a Super Bowl in those respective jobs. He has also had a lot of success with both Stanford and the University of San Diego as he elevated those two programs to new heights.

It goes without saying that the Chargers job is better than the Stanford or USD jobs were. But to openly admit that the Chargers job is better than the Michigan and 49ers job when he took it? Well, that might rub some people the wrong way.

But at the end of the day, Harbaugh is not wrong. Herbert is the best quarterback that he has ever coached and will ever coach. Just having that is a massive part of the equation, and is the main reason why Harbaugh came to LA in the first place.

Harbaugh eventually elevated both Michigan and the 49ers to prominence with his great coaching, but they did not start off on a level playing field. So just imagine what Harbaugh can do with the Chargers when he is actually getting a head start on greatness?

The first Super Bowl in franchise history may actually be around the corner for the Chargers. If Harbaugh's track record means anything then the Chargers will be in the hunt very soon.