Jim Harbaugh provides timeline of when he will talk about potential Chargers future

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
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The LA Chargers play the team's final game of the season on Sunday and that is not even close to being the biggest focus for the fanbase. Instead, fans are putting together a wish list for the team's next head coach with Jim Harbaugh sitting firmly atop the list.

The Harbaugh rumors have been going on for months with there being so many twists and turns throughout. Whether it be Harbaugh's reported love for Justin Herbert or the fact that he hired an agent with ties to the Chargers, fans have to like the Bolts' chances of hiring the veteran head coach.

Los Angeles cannot interview anyone until the NFL Divisional Round and Harbaugh is fairly busy himself. Harbaugh's Michigan Wolverines are currently preparing for the National Championship Game against Washington and that is (rightfully) where all of Harbaugh's attention lies.

That has not stopped reporters from asking Harbaugh about his potential future in the NFL. During recent media availability for the National Championship Game, Harbaugh gave a timeline of when he will talk about his potential NFL future.

Jim Harbaugh will talk about NFL future (potentially with Chargers) next week

Harbaugh is doing a great job of dancing around the questions of his future but it is clear that he is going to do the same thing that he has done every offseason in recent years. Harbaugh is going to play the system, send out feelers to the NFL, and ultimately use that as leverage to get the best deal possibility.

But this time it is different. First of all, NFL insider Adam Schefter said that Harbaugh may have already accomplished his goal of returning Michigan to greatness and that his next goal may be a Super Bowl. If Michigan wins the National Championship then that goal will definitely be checked off for Harbaugh.

Second of all, there has not been a job as good as the Chargers job that has opened in recent years. Sure, there are some cap issues that need to be resolved, but Harbaugh would be getting an elite franchise quarterback who is good enough to win the Super Bowl. That alone is 80% of the battle in finding a good job.

Add in the fact that Harbaugh has previous ties to the Chargers and that the team hires someone he wants to fill the GM opening and it is a match made in heaven. Whenever Harbaugh starts talking about his NFL future, chances are he will be talking about the Chargers.

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