Jim Harbaugh is the key to making the Chargers popular in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach
Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

When you think about the city of Los Angeles, you think big. In a metropolis where sports reign supreme, it comes as little surprise that two NFL teams — the Los Angeles Rams and LA Chargers — swiftly established a presence in one of the globe's largest markets.

Yet, football has not really caught on in the city.

Perhaps it's the absence of a longstanding tradition, or perhaps it's the dearth of consistent victories, though that argument seems questionable given the Rams' recent Super Bowl triumph just a few seasons back.

For a team that struggled to fill a small soccer stadium just a few years ago as they made their way up north, the Chargers may finally have the man who can bring prominence to the franchise.

Jim Harbaugh is the key to make the Chargers popular in Los Angeles

Jim Harbaugh is a strange man. Yet, that strangeness and his simple way of living may be the thing that brings popularity of football back to LA.

This week, the Chargers social media team released a video of Harbaugh living in an RV in Huntington Beach. And no, this is not one of those luxury cars like Philip Rivers rode from San Diego to Los Angeles. It is an everyday RV like any other American.

There's a unique aura in Harbaugh that attracts people to him. It's very well known that any football player that has ever played for him has loved him.

And in one perspective, it makes no sense. Harbaugh seemed to fit in perfectly in Michigan, where "faith, family, football" reigns supreme. And now, he comes to the city where Hollywood lies and where stability is clearly not a thing.

He isn't a complete stranger to California, obviously.

His tenure with the San Francisco 49ers is characterized by a resurgence in the energy of the football team. After taking the reins in 2011, he swiftly transformed a struggling franchise into a powerhouse of the NFL. Under his leadership, the 49ers reached the NFC Championship game in his first season and advanced to Super Bowl XLVII the following year.

Now, Chargers fans await that same energy. Maybe Harbaugh is the guy to truly make football great in this city. One thing for sure though, is that Los Angeles shows up to winners. And Harbaugh has acknowledged this.

Jim Harbaugh is here, whether Los Angeles is ready or not.