The behind-the-scenes look at Jim Harbaugh's RV is exactly what you'd expect

The Chargers know what content we want.
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Earlier this year, when new Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh casually mentioned that he was living out of an RV, people sorta brushed it off. Living out of an RV is exactly the type of thing that Jim Harbaugh would tell people he was doing, and sometimes it's best to just take Harbaugh's weird anecdotes at face value.

But no. It's real. Jim Harbaugh's living out of an RV. And on Tuesday, the Chargers' Twitter account – which is, by the way, the perfect account for Harbaugh content – gave everyone a behind the scenes look at what life is like for Jim Harbaugh, who is living out of an RV:

As far as RV lots go, it could be a lot worse than Huntington Beach. Harbaugh seems genuinely enthusiastic about it, which perhaps shouldn't be surprising. And a Greg Roman cameo? Because he's also living in the same RV park? They're just two football buds, talkin' ball, drinking Sprite (?) in their RV lot. And they're also running the Chargers.

The caption also hit the nail on the head:

Hell yeah.