Jim Harbaugh's rumored coordinators of choice are scary for the Chargers

Michigan v Michigan State
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Nothing is official yet but all signs are pointing to Jim Harbaugh coaching the LA Chargers in 2024 and beyond. Harbaugh has thrown curveballs in the NFL head coaching scene in the past but this go around it really does feel like he is making his return to the league with the Bolts.

This would be a monumental hire for the Chargers that would undoubtedly usher in a new era of football that the team has never seen before. The Spanos family has never hired a prominent big-name coach and paired with an elite quarterback, a Super Bowl really is possible.

As great as the Chargers job is for Harbaugh, the Spanos family is going to have to operate differently to convince Harbaugh to take the job. On top of a massive salary, the Chargers also have to give Harbaugh a level of control that other head coaches have not received. Expect the team to hire a GM that works in conjunction with Harbaugh.

Just like every other head coach, Harbaugh will also have the final say in the Chargers' coaching staff. This is not surprising for a new head coach but what is surprising is the potential coordinators he could bring with him.

The Chargers' cost of hiring Jim Harbaugh is hiring less-than-ideal coordinators with him

Jesse Minter as the defensive coordinator would be an absolute dream. Minter has experience in the NFL and in college with both Harbaugh brothers and crafted one of the best defenses in the country for Michigan this past season.

Defense is obviously played a bit differently in the NFL than in college but Minter has all the makings of being a great defensive coordinator at the next level. He is a forward-thinking mind who should absolutely be trusted to fix what Brandon Staley broke on that side of the ball.

The concerns lie with potential offensive coordinator Greg Roman and potential special teams coordinator Jay Harbaugh. From an objective point of view, the Chargers would probably be better off just maintaining the coordinators they already have.

Kellen Moore was not perfect as offensive coordinator but there were some promising signs and it would at least give Herbert some consistency. If Moore is let go then Herbert will be on his fourth offensive coordinator in five seasons. It is hard to be successful in that situation.

Plus, Roman himself is not a great candidate for what the Chargers have. His offense in Baltimore was creative and unique but was tailored to a running quarterback. The passing offense always struggled, and that was a similar case in San Francisco with Harbaugh the first time around.

Roman would be a quality addition to the staff to improve the awful Chargers' rushing attack, there is no denying that. But as a play-caller, Roman leaves a lot to be desired and doesn't feel like a schematic fit at all with Herbert under center.

Harbaugh hiring his son, Jay, would be a nepotism hire and it comes with the territory. Ryan Ficken is one of the best special teams coordinators in the NFL while Jay Harbaugh coached the worst side of the ball for Michigan which nearly cost them in the College Football Playoff.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see how big the drop-off is between Ficken and Jay Harbaugh.

But hey, it all comes with the territory. If the Chargers are going to hire Harbaugh they have to bend to his commands and if that means making scary coordinator hires then so be it. The Chargers are in no position to pass on Harbaugh because of his potential coordinator of choice. That would be an asinine thing to do.

At the end of the day, the Chargers would be paying Harbaugh big bucks to turn this ship around, so the team has no other choice than to trust his judgment when it comes to coordinators.

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