Jerry Rice seeking vendetta over son Brenden falling to Chargers in seventh round

UCLA v USC / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Every year, NFL draft analysts and experts compile lists of which incoming rookies are the best and the worst at their respective positions and determine where and when they will be drafted based on their evaluations.

They're often proven to be wrong by a mile, and that remained true this year when several players either fell far lower than expected or were chosen much higher than anticipated.

One of those players was wide receiver Brenden Rice, who played with Caleb Williams at USC. He's also the son of the legendary Jerry Rice, who wasn't too pleased with his son falling to the seventh round.

Jerry Rice seeking vendetta over son Brenden falling to Chargers in seventh round

Based on experts' predictions, Rice was projected to be a third—or fourth-round pick. When those rounds passed, and the picks kept coming with Rice still on the board, there were many questions about why the talented receiver was being overlooked.

Rumors have suggested his fall was due to injury concerns, which is understandable if true. Yet, at the same time, it's almost inconceivable that he wound up being the 32nd receiver taken out of the 35 that were available to be drafted.

Because of that, Rice shared that his father is determined to help his son prove every team that passed him over wrong for his entire NFL career and is excited to start that journey with the Chargers.

"My dad was hot. You guys get the flash like ... the humble dude, right? Me, he's like, 'Hell no, we're going to take this to a different level. These guys going to feel us.'"

An incoming rookie playing with a chip on his shoulder? That is almost always a recipe for success, even more so when his Hall of Fame father is there to support him every step.

Regardless of the disappointing fall to Round 7, Rice is happy to be part of the Chargers organization and is looking forward to working with Justin Herbert.

"I'm in the best position possible to go ahead and make my mark on and make my own legacy. I went from Caleb Williams to Justin Herbert, and I'm in a room that's going to allow me to compete day in and day out.

"Everything's upon me, so if you guys don't see me coming fall, that's on me. And if you guys see me out there, then I put in the necessary work to put my best foot in the door and go out there and produce."

Rice has a perfect opportunity to fulfill all that he hopes to in his career while simultaneously working his way to becoming Herbert's favorite target.

The Chargers' receiving corps has significantly thinned since last season with the departures of Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, which provides a massive opportunity for the rookie to make an impact early on.