Giants' Daniel Jones thinks he's Chargers' Justin Herbert with contract demand

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

A lot of quarterbacks are going to get paid this offseason. Teams like the LA Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles can officially offer their young franchise quarterbacks new extensions that will reset the market at the position.

There are also notable free agents that will determine the market as well. There are the middling options like Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo and then there are stand out options like Geno Smith and Daniel Jones who want to get paid by their respective teams.

Jones enjoyed a much better 2022 season under new head coach Brian Daboll, completely reinventing himself in the process. That being said, he is still a middle-of-the-pack quarterback and has seemingly forgotten about that fact in his latest demands to the New York Giants.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The same Daniel Jones who many Giants fans were ready to give up on before the 2022 season is asking for $45 million (or more) a year from New York. That would give him the same average salary as two-time MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes.

The Giants would be paying Jones $3 million for every passing touchdown he threw in 2022. Something tells me they are not going to give in to Jones' demands.

Daniel Jones is asking for the kind of money Justin Herbert will get from the Chargers.

Perhaps the Giants would be more willing to pay Jones this much on a very short-term deal but it is hilarious that he is asking for the same kind of money that Justin Herbert is likely going to get from the Chargers. Herbert is extension-eligible this offseason and it would be better for all sides to get the deal done as soon as possible.

The price tag for a Herbert extension might be around $50 million a season for the Bolts. With Herbert just barely turning 25 in March, the Chargers may extend him for over 10 years. If so, we could see Herbert get a contract that is over half a billion dollars from the Chargers.

Maybe Jones is getting confused by the fact that he was the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, not the 2020 NFL Draft. Or maybe he legitimately thinks that he is on the same level as a young quarterback as the likes of Herbert, Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts.

There is nothing wrong with betting on yourself but if Jones legitimately thinks he is in the same class as those QBs then he is going to be in for a rude awakening when his deal comes nothing close to the kind of deals that his peers are going to get.