Gerald Everett reveals awful-looking cafeteria food given out by Chargers

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A lot of things go into building a successful team and franchise. That is why across all of the major American sports, there are organizations that are constantly successful and there are organizations that fall behind. For many years, the LA Chargers have been one of the organizations that have fallen behind.

Things have gotten better since the team moved into SoFi Stadium and they will continue to improve once the team moves into its new practice facility in 2024. All that being said, things still aren't up to par and while it might seem like a lot of little things, they all add up to what we see on the field.

Just how far behind the Chargers are was revealed in an anonymous survey released by the NFLPA earlier this offseason. The Chargers' ranked 30th out of 32 teams with their overall grade, receiving a D or worse in four of the eight categories. One of those bad grades was food service/nutrition, in which the Chargers received an F.

That might seem a bit harsh but Chargers fans now have an idea why the team received the grade it did. Tight end Gerald Everett posted a photo of a cafeteria burger he received from the team and it does not look like the kind of food a team should be feeding its elite-level athletes.

Chargers deserve to be questioned for the food they are serving the players

Look, I am sure the burger tastes fine as it probably tastes like the kind of burger you would get from Krusty Land in Universal Studios Hollywood, or the bowling alley on your first date. They are certainly edible and are not going to cause bodily harm.

But c'mon. The team is investing millions of dollars into these players to be in the absolute best shape they can be and this is the kind of food that is being served? There are high schoolers in the Los Angeles area who are eating better than this at school. This somehow looks worse than the food the NBA was handing out in the Orlando bubble back in 2020.

Again, it might seem small, but the best organizations in the country feed their players. Heck, the Los Angeles Dodgers started a trend almost a decade ago of not just feeding the big-league team healthy foods, but players throughout the organization. They were one of the first teams to pioneer healthy, organic diets for players at all levels with professional caterers that would travel with every single minor league team.

It is a different sport, sure, but that is why the Dodgers have made the postseason 10 years in a row and always have a litany of home-grown talent to rely on.

Most fans might not care that the players making millions of dollars got a mediocre lunch, I get that. But if the Chargers are going to change the culture of the franchise and become a long-lasting winner, not just a team that makes the playoffs once every half-decade, then it has to start with the small things like this.

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