3 free-agent moves from AFC West rivals that should terrify Chargers fans

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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The LA Chargers are entering a new era in 2024 with Jim Harbaugh at head coach and Joe Hortiz as the general manager. With the dawn of this new era, the Chargers have operated in a different way this offseason, which will hopefully lead to better results moving forward.

It also helps that there have been some hilariously bad moves made by other teams in the AFC West. It is always nice to see a division rival make an ill-fated move that is most likely going to backfire. For many years, the Chargers were the team always making those moves.

However, there have also been savvy moves from the Chargers' AFC West foes that should worry the team. The ideal situation is for the Chargers' rivals to get worse, but in these cases, they got better.

3 moves from AFC West rivals that should terrify Chargers fans:

1. Chiefs signing Marquise Brown

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off back-to-back Super Bowls and won both of those Super Bowls with a wide receiver room that was less than ideal. The best wide out on those two teams was Juju Smith-Schuster and the Chiefs just got someone who is even better than him.

Marquise Brown was such a savvy pick-up by the Kansas City Chiefs, who managed to sign him at an exceptional price. Brown signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs that is worth up to $11 million for the 2024 season. Considering Mike Williams got $15 million from the New York Jets, this was a great price.

Brown has legitimate WR1 potential, especially with a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes throwing him the ball. The former Raven and Cardinal will not be a top-tier WR1 but there is no denying that he can produce like a true franchise receiver for the Chiefs.