3 free-agent moves from AFC West rivals Chargers fans can laugh at

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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March is the wildest time of the year on the NFL calendar as players bounce around from team to team with the league preparing for the upcoming season. This March has created a lot of change for the LA Chargers, with fan favorites like Keenan Allen and Mike Williams no longer with the team.

The Chargers are obviously not the only teams undergoing big changes this offseason, especially in the AFC West. The rest of the division has also made some pretty big changes this offseason, some of which are destined to not pan out and become comedy gold for Chargers fans.

If you are ever upset thinking about how Allen was traded from the team, just remember these other moves from the AFC West rivals to lighten the mood.

Chargers fans can laugh at the Broncos' complete self teardown

With the Broncos, it is a series of moves that are entertaining to Chargers fans and not one specific move. After falling short of expectations in Sean Payton's first season at the helm, this offseason has been all about tearing it down for the Denver Broncos.

Denver waived both Russell Wilson and Justin Simmons and in the case of Wilson, the team is taking on the largest dead cap hit in NFL history. Simmons is a top-tier safety who simply had to be a cap casualty that the Broncos were forced to part ways with.

And let's not even mention the fact that the team had to essentially get rid of Jerry Jeudy for nothing. So much for that first-round pick panning out.

It might not be a specific free-agent signing with Denver that makes this offseason so laughable. It is instead the idea that Payton was going to come to the Broncos and fix all of the issues that existed before him. Now, the team is left with one of the worst rosters in the sport and a massive uphill climb at quarterback.