Former Charger scoffs at Justin Herbert criticism, blasts Chargers defense

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Justin Herbert made headlines this week but not for the right reasons, and it was not his fault at all. Herbert's former Chargers teammate Chris Harris appeared on "Up & Adams" and was asked what was missing the most from Herbert's game. Harris' response was not received well by fans, as he said Herbert lacked the clutch factor that other great quarterbacks have.

Just one day later, Herbert's current defensive teammate Morgan Fox appeared on the very same show and admitted that sometimes the defense has let Herbert down. That is the take that many Chargers fans have had, especially considering the team has allowed 27 or more points in half of Herbert's 62 starts.

Fox is not the only teammate that is coming to the defense of Herbert. Following Harris' comments, another former Chargers teammate (who asked to remain anonymous) made it very clear that this does not fall on Herbert or his lack of a "clutch factor". It falls on the defense.

Former Justin Herbert teammate firmly blames Chargers' defense

It seemed very ironic for many fans that Harris was willing to criticize Herbert and his clutch factor considering he was part of the defense that blew games. Heck, just go back and look at the Week 18 game against Las Vegas in 2021 that this former teammate is referencing.

That might be the most impressive game of Herbert's career as he was making legitimate superhero plays to keep the Chargers' playoff hopes alive. But it was not enough, as the Chargers defense allowed 35 points to a Raiders team that averaged 22 points a game that season.

Even more ironic is the fact that Harris was a big reason why that was such a defensive disaster class in the first place. On second and 10 late in the fourth quarter of that game, Harris committed an egregious pass interference penalty on a horrible pass that took the Raiders from the 43-yard-line to the one-yard-line.

Vegas would go on to score a touchdown. Harris cost the Chargers at least four points if not seven. That stings extra considering the Chargers lost by three in overtime.

Herbert has not been a perfect quarterback, there have been moments in the clutch where he could have been better. But that is true of any quarterback, even the elite ones. The only constant that has consistently made the Chargers struggle is a porous defense. Chargers fans know this, and so do Herbert's teammates.