Embarrassing Russell Wilson gaffe proves Chargers won't ever worry about Denver

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans / Silas Walker/GettyImages

The AFC West underwent some serious changes in the offseason that had many NFL pundits dubbing it as the best division in football and one of the best divisions in recent history. After 10 weeks of action, the only team that is still in the mix for a playoff spot is the LA Chargers.

The Chargers have a winning record despite all of the injury adversity that they have had to deal with this season. That includes wins over both the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos, who are both essentially out of the playoff race.

The Raiders have been an absolute mess from top to down that is entertaining to watch from afar. Denver, meanwhile, has been one of the worst offensive teams in football despite trading a slew of assets for Russell Wilson and hiring a new head coach. They have not been the threat that Chargers fans were expecting them to be.

Wilson has been getting into petty wars with his former team that add to the entertainment but it does not stop there. Those inside the building told Tyler Polumbus of Altitude Sports Radio in Denver that Russ is "losing his mind" and is calling audibles with keywords from the Seahawks. And nobody knows what he is talking about.

The Chargers don't have to worry about the Broncos as long as Russell Wilson is there.

This season has been an absolute disaster for the Denver Broncos and it is absolutely safe to say that the team probably has buyer's remorse. It would be one thing if they just traded all of these assets and had a way out but they don't. The team signed Wilson to a massive contract extension before he played a single snap with the team. That quickly turned into a mistake.

Wilson is going to be the quarterback of the Denver Broncos for several more years and the unfortunate reality for Broncos fans is that he is not going to get better with age. He was already showing signs of regression in Seattle (that we warned Denver fans about) and that regression has only accelerated on the Broncos.

Sure, he eventually will probably stop calling audibles from his former team but that is not the difference between how he is playing now and how he once played. Wilson is notably not the same guy and with so many subtle shots being thrown his way from the Seahawks, it is hard to believe that he will win this locker room over.

The Chargers are mainly concerned with making the playoffs this season and building something towards the future where they can be a consistent playoff team and eventually usurp the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West. Right now, that is the main goal both in the short term and the long term.

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However, it is nice knowing that the team isn't also going to have to compete with the Denver Broncos because of the "superstar" quarterback that they traded for before the season.