Chargers fans will absolutely love Russell Wilson's latest petty war

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars / Dan Mullan/GettyImages

In the same offseason that the LA Chargers went all-in to contend with the Kansas City Chiefs for AFC West supremacy, both the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders decided they were going to do the exact same thing.

Denver and Las Vegas both made big trades, trading for Russell Wilson and Davante Adams, respectively. Those trades have not led to the results that the teams were expecting, as Denver is 3-5 and Vegas is 2-6. Both teams had better records through eight games last season.

The Russell Wilson experience in Denver has been particularly interesting. Despite warnings from us here at Bolt Beat, many have been taken back by Wilson's struggles and the fact that he has not elevated the team whatsoever,

Making matters worse for Broncos fans is the fact that Geno Smith looks like a top-10 quarterback in the league and just about everyone that played with Wilson in Seattle has fired shots at Wilson. The latest petty war involving Wilson and Seattle might be the best, centering around wristbands.

Chargers fans will get a kick out of Russell Wilson's petty wristband war.

It started with Pete Carroll, who complimented his current quarterback and his ability to run the plays that Shane Waldron is calling off of Smith's wristband. He didn't stop at his compliment, though, as he went a step further and made sure to fire a shot toward Wilson.

Wilson had exactly the kind of response that you would expect him to have. He attempted to take the high road and not say anything bad about Carroll or Seattle, but still made sure to send a message in return.

The most ironic part about Wilson's response is this exactly plays into the issues that former teammates seemingly have with the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Tyler Lockett said earlier this season that it is amazing what the team can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit for winning.

Lockett later denied that it was a short towards his former QB but with several other Seahawks players coming out and subtly sending jabs toward Wilson, it is clear something is there.

This is all free entertainment for Chargers fans, who might have been worried about Wilson joining the division eight months ago. With all of this petty drama and the poor results, chances are that this slow start is bigger than a slow start and Chargers fans can watch the Broncos be a dumpster fire for the next few seasons.

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And it all revolves around Russell Wilson. You hate to see it.