4 early favorites to replace Brandon Staley as Chargers head coach

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Somehow the LA Chargers managed to reach an even lower rock bottom under head coach Brandon Staley on Thursday night. In a battle of backup quarterbacks on 5-8 teams, the Chargers allowed the Raiders to score a franchise-high 63 points, which is also the most that the Chargers have ever allowed.

This new rock bottom finally convinced the Spanos family to do something it has not done since 1998: fire a coach during a season. On Friday morning it was announced that the Chargers were firing both Staley and GM Tom Telesco.

There are four names (right now) that seem like runaway favorites to replace Staley as the head coach of the Chargers. Of course, things can change over time, but these four coaches should be monitored closely for the time being.

4 early favorites to replace Brandon Staley as Chargers head coach:

Frank Smith

Frank Smith is the lesser-known candidate who absolutely should be considered a favorite for the job. Smith checks multiple boxes that Chargers ownership is going to look for; he is well-respected in the league, has ties to the Chargers, and is probably going to be pretty cheap compared to other options.

Smith was the run game coordinator/offensive line coach in 2021 and that year's line was the best line the Chargers have had since LaDainian Tomlinson was setting records. Then he goes to Miami and plays a part (albeit in Mike McDaniel's scheme) of one of the most explosive offenses in the sport.

He isn't everyone's favorite option and there is rightfully some worries about him being a lesser-known first-time head coach. That is what got the Chargers in trouble the last three head coaches. But then again, as the old saying goes, history repeats itself so we have to assume that he would be an option.