Dolphins-Bills weather report is wonderful news for Chargers fans

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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The LA Chargers are right in the thick of the AFC playoff picture after shocking the Miami Dolphins in Week 15. The Dolphins are now one of the four teams vying for the final two playoff spots in the AFC and they are on the bad side of a key head-to-head tiebreaker with the Chargers.

LA essentially controls its own destiny in the final four weeks but the more losses for these AFC wild-card foes the better. If the Dolphins start to sputter down the stretch the Chargers could go as high as the sixth seed in the AFC. If another surprise team starts to fall then the fifth seed is not out of question.

The Chargers have to take it one week at a time and ideally, they could not only win in Week 15 but see the Dolphins lose. Miami plays the Buffalo Bills on Saturday and is a touchdown underdog against a team they beat earlier in the season.

Buffalo is already favored to win this game, which is great for the Chargers, but the weather report for the game makes that outcome even more likely. This game is in Buffalo and the conditions are going to be much different than they are down in South Beach.

Dolphins-Bills weather report benefits the LA Chargers greatly.

Sure, both teams have to play in the snow and are going to have to game plan around it. But with how the two teams are built, these conditions very obviously favor the Bills, who already have the advantage of being home in this game.

Miami is not built to succeed in the snow. This is a team that has to win games with a high-powered offense and that offense has sputtered in recent weeks. The 49ers had success and the Chargers put together perhaps the best game plan all season to beat Tua in Week 14.

Buffalo will not only be able to study that game plan but can also bank on the conditions slowing down the likes of Tyreek Hill (who dealt with an ankle injury against the Chargers) and Jaylen Waddle. The Dolphins benefitted from the conditions earlier in the season in Miami and now the Bills are benefitting.

Miami does not have the run game to succeed in these conditions as well. The team ranks 31st in rushing attempts, 29th in rushing yards and 25th in average yards per carry. Meanwhile, the Bills rank 14th in attempts, eighth in yards and fourth in yards per average. They have an offense that is built to succeed more in these conditions while having a significantly better defense than Miami.

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This is a tough game regardless of how you put it for the Dolphins. It is a shorter week and they are playing their third road game in a row. We might just see a repeat of the last two weeks for the Dolphins on Saturday, which is great for the LA Chargers.