Predicting the Chargers' final four games after shocking the Dolphins

Jason Reed
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers shockingly defeated the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football in Week 14 and kept themselves in the playoff picture as a result. With a big win in the rear-view mirror, there are several reasons for Chargers fans to be confident in the team making the playoffs this season.

The Chargers essentially control their own destiny in these final four games. Winning out would essentially guarantee a playoff spot while reaching 10 wins would likely do the trick as well. That means that the Bolts have to aim to at least go 3-1 in these final four games if they want to be one of the seven AFC teams standing after Week 18.

We predicted every game after the bye week for the Chargers but a lot has changed since then, especially after this huge win over the Dolphins. Thus, we wanted to predict what is essentially the fourth quarter of the 2022 season.

Predicting the final four games on the Chargers schedule:

Week 15 vs Tennessee Titans: 30-20 WIN

The Chargers-Titans game in Week 15 is probably the hardest game of the entire slate to try and predict. Both teams have looked really good at certain times this season and have also looked really awful at other times. Essentially, they are staring at themselves in a mirror in this matchup.

The reason why the Chargers have a good chance to get the win is the bad Titans' pass defense. Tennessee has allowed 754 passing yards over the last two weeks and ranks 31st in passing yards allowed per game. The Chargers are 4-2 when they play teams in the bottom 10 with the two losses being the week after Justin Herbert's rib injury and the Raiders game in which 4/5 starting offensive linemen were hurt.

Derrick Henry does present a horrible matchup for the Chargers but the bend, don't break defense should prevent the Titans from keeping up with the Chargers' passing attack — as long as Joe Lombardi does not get in the way.