3 current head coaches the Chargers could hire to replace Brandon Staley

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It feels like a broken record at this point. The LA Chargers lost another close game in Week 12 against the Baltimore Ravens and fans are once again looking ahead at who might be the eventual replacement for Brandon Staley.

Each Chargers loss makes it more and more likely that the organization will move on from Staley, even if history says that Staley might get another season regardless of what happens in 2023. With the team having legitimate Super Bowl potential as long as Justin Herbert is around, nailing the next hire is of great importance for the Bolts.

The last three hires have been first-time head coaches and that has not worked out well for the Bolts. If the team does indeed move on from Staley after the season, the Spanos family may prefer someone with head coaching experience. As it stands right now, there are three current NFL head coaches that could be available for the Chargers to hire.

3 current NFL head coaches that could replace Brandon Staley as Chargers head coach:

Bill Belichick

This is the biggest name that fans have been infatuated with over the last several months. With the New England Patriots struggling, there is speculation that the team could move on from Belichick and the Chargers have been targeted as the perfect place for him to coach next.

On paper it is perfect. Belichick could end his career getting to coach an elite young quarterback for several years. He could follow Tom Brady's path of trying to win a Super Bowl outside of New England and would have a much better shot at passing Don Shula's all-time record for most wins.

The problem is that Belichick reportedly signed an extension before the 2023 season and the Chargers are notoriously cheap when it comes to hiring a head coach. Paying Belichick's salary and also giving him control of the roster (which would have to come with the job) is a lot to ask Dean Spanos to do.

It seems unlikely because of those reasons but it is not impossible. Where there is smoke there is fire and there has been a lot of Belichick smoke.