4 Chargers falling out of favor heading into training camp

These Chargers need to increase their stock during training camp

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LA Chargers training camp officially starts this week and it represents the start of another Super Bowl journey for the Bolts. It is an exciting time of year for Chargers fans, especially with a team that is good enough to go on a deep run if all goes well.

Training camp is a great place for fans to get an idea of what the team is going to look like both as a whole and on an individual level. It provides a great place for certain players to take center stage and prove what they can bring to the table for the team.

Certain players need that more than others, especially those who are falling out of favor as camp is about to begin.

4 Chargers who are falling out of favor heading into training camp:

1. Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler is not falling out of favor for anything on the field, it all has to do with his trade demand in the offseason and him leading the charge of running backs trying to recoup their worth in the free-agent market.

Look, it is a great thing that Ekeler is standing up for his brothers and we here at Bolt Beat advocate for everyone in every walk of life to get paid. But there are legitimate reasons why NFL teams operate the way they do and you cannot blame a portion of the fanbase for falling out of love with Ekeler when he is paid more than 80% of the team.

It will be interesting to see both how Ekeler handles this contract year and how the Chargers handle it as well. The last thing the Bolts are going to want is a distraction and Tom Telesco has shown the willingness to play hard-ball in the past.