The no-brainer trade target the Chargers should be calling about

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The LA Chargers are not the type of team to make trades, especially right before the season starts in training camp. That being said, the last six months have been much different for the Bolts as Tom Telesco has been more aggressive than he has ever been.

If there is someone who can improve the team and the price is right in a trade then Telesco is likely going to make a deal happen. The team is looking to capitalize on Justin Herbert's rookie contract and that is the way to do it.

There is one potential trade candidate that would absolutely improve the Chargers roster this upcoming season that Telesco and co. should be looking into. While there is no guarantee that he will be traded, it doesn't hurt to make a phone call and see what the price would be.

That trade candidate for the LA Chargers is running back D'Ernest Johnson.

The running back situation in Los Angeles still is not great. As good as Austin Ekeler is, there are serious concerns about the depth behind him. Isaiah Spiller is already hurt and hasn't blown the world away in training camp or the preseason as a rookie. Joshua Kelley showed early signs of promise but we can't fully trust him. Larry Rountree, meanwhile, has not proven he has much NFL value at all.

If the Chargers can get another back to provide quality depth behind Ekeler and produce both in the pass and run game that would be massive. The team is all about keeping Ekeler fresh and that makes it easier while also making the offense more dynamic as a result.

D'Ernest Johnson would absolutely do both of those things as he is a dual-threat weapon that would fit perfectly in this Chargers' offense. Johnson has a career average of 5.3 yards per carry and has proven that he can be a dynamic offensive weapon in the pass game when he gets his chance.

Of course, every trade target has a price and the Chargers should not overspend for a depth running back. But if the Browns are willing to take a sixth or even seventh-round pick (which is likely), then the Chargers should phone the league office and make the trade happen instantly.

Fans don't like trading draft picks but that is such a late pick it does not matter. Plus, if they do not trade it, they will probably just end up taking another slow college running back in the late rounds for the fourth year in a row.

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It is definitely worth at least considering for the Chargers with the current state of the running back room. A trade does not need to be made, as there are potential cut options available, but the Bolts need help nonetheless.