Chargers: The most underrated Justin Herbert throw from 2021

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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In a short span of two years, Justin Herbert has gone from being the quarterback the LA Chargers hoped they could build around in the future to being the quarterback who has made them a Super Bowl contender in just his third season. Herbert has had a record-setting first two years in the league and the front office took notice and has loaded up the team with talent.

Not only are Herbert's numbers eye-popping but his raw talent is out of this world. Every single game Herbert does something that makes casual NFL fans rewind the television. For Charger fans, that is just another Sunday as they watch their uber-talented franchise quarterback.

If you asked Charger fans what Herbert's best throw from the 2021 season was many would say that it was his 59-yard touchdown pass to Jalen Guyton. You know the play: Herbert was on the run, scrambles right, sets his feet, gets hit and still delivers the ball 60 yards downfield right in Guyton's bread basket.

That might be his best, but one Justin Herbert throw doesn't get enough attention from Chargers fans.

We posted about this on our social media channels but Justin Herbert had one of the best throws of the entire season against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2 that is not getting nearly enough attention as such an excellent throw. On third and 15, Herbert dropped a pass from the football heavens for a huge completion to Keenan Allen down the right sideline.

This throw might not seem all that special at first glance. After all, Herbert actually had a clean pocket on this play and did not have to scramble out to his right to extend the play. He did not have to throw on the run and the pass itself was not even for a touchdown. So why is it so special?

First, look at Herbert's head. While we cannot see his eyes specifically, he did an excellent job of baiting the deep safety off of the deep corner route that Allen was running, hence why the safety is ever so slightly out of position on the play.

However, the safety is definitely still in the area and could have made a play on Allen to disrupt the pass. Herbert had to make the perfect throw that would get over the outstretched hands of Trevon Diggs but would not float in the air long enough to get Allen clattered. If Allen has to jump at all for this throw he is getting hit and he probably is not making the catch.

Instead of throwing a bullet at the sidelines and forcing Allen to tip-toe his way in bounds with the safety coming at him, Herbert executed a deep touch pass that gracefully floated right where Allen could take a seat on his behind and make the catch in bounds. If Allen got to choose the easy throw to make a play on in that situation it would have been that throw.

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And that shows just how special Justin Herbert is. A throw of that caliber is so technical and has so many moving parts but for the young Chargers QB, it was just another third-down pass.