3 Chargers trade packages to move down in the 2023 NFL Draft

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Chargers get picks 38 and 70 from the Las Vegas Raiders

Similar logic could apply to the Las Vegas Raiders as the Indianapolis Colts. Vegas might not take a quarterback with the seventh overall pick in the draft but if there is someone who the team really likes on the board at 21 then it makes sense to move up.

The 21st pick is such a key spot for potential quarterback-hungry teams like the Colts and Raiders because of who is behind the Chargers. The Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings have the next two picks and depending on what happens with Lamar Jackson, both teams could potentially target a first-round quarterback.

Moving up to 21, even if it means doing business with a rival, might just be the best course of action for the Raiders. To do so, the team would have to trade its second-round pick and its third-round pick, giving the Chargers slightly better value than the Colts deal.

The 38th and 70th pick is worth a combined 760 points, which is still less than the chart value of the 21st pick but is a fair return. If the Chargers really wanted to maximize their return they could try to add a fifth or sixth-round pick in the package but that is not needed.

Vegas also has a compensatory pick via the Kansas City Chiefs, which checks in as the 100th pick in the draft. Having that extra selection makes it easier for Vegas to move a third to move back into the first.