Chargers get hilarious new nickname thanks to the people of Nashville

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers
Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Chargers 2023 schedule has officially been released and just like last season, LA's social media team put together an epic anime video to reveal the schedule to Chargers fans. The Chargers' social media team really has become the best in the business in getting creative with things of this nature.

Although they are not alone in trying to generate impressions with a quirky schedule-release video. Most other NFL teams have also adopted the strategy of turning the schedule release into a fun video with the goal of going viral. No other team has quite mastered the Chargers' way but there have been some strong contenders.

One of the better schedule-release videos in 2023 came via the Tennessee Titans. The Titans' social media team took to the streets of Nashville to see what absurd names people would come up with for their 2023 opponents. The new nickname given to the Chargers was absolutely perfect: Lightning McQueen.

Chargers' social media team will definitely call back to Lightning McQueen in Week 2

The best part about this is not the admittedly-hilarious video that the Titans put together, it is the potential that the Chargers' social media team now has in Week 2 when these two teams square off. The Chargers' social media team has its fingers all over the pulse of what is relevant and they will 100% use this to create viral social content.

There will be plenty of 'Cars' related jokes trickling in on the social media as the week goes along and we may get a simple "ka chow" if the Chargers are able to pull off the victory on the road. And that is just the surface of it. This has opened a brand-new door for content for the Bolts.

It is always great to see NFL teams poking fun at each other as it reminds us all that this is just a game for everyone's entertainment. As long as the Titans don't take a shot at the Chargers like the Chargers did at Raiders fans, we are all good.