Chargers cannot afford to let Storm Norton start at right tackle

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The LA Chargers offensive line got banged up in the second half of Thursday's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Corey Linsley did not come back out to play in the second half and right tackle Trey Pipkins was pulled from action shortly after him.

While Pipkins certainly has not been perfect, he quickly became missed in Thursday's game. The Chargers' offensive line completely fell apart once Linsley and Pipkins exited the game.

Linsley's impact on this offensive line both as an elite center and as the one responsible for making blocking adjustments was never more apparent. Storm Norton's inability to put in good reps as a starting right tackle was also apparent.

The LA Chargers cannot afford to let Storm Norton start at right tackle if Trey Pipkins can't go.

Luckily, Brandon Staley relayed positive news on Friday and it appears that Trey Pipkins could avoid missing any other games. If he does, though, the Chargers have to think hard about how they are going to address the right tackle position.

Pro Football Focus only credited Norton with one pressure allowed in his one half against the Chiefs but it looked much worse than that. The 2022 Chargers went back to 2021 where right tackle looked more like a turn style than it did a position that is meant to protect the quarterback.

The only realistic solution to this problem for the Chargers would be shuffling the offensive line. Matt Feiler, who has struggled a tad at left guard, could potentially shift over and fill in at right tackle if needed. That would open the door for Jamaree Salyer or Brenden Jaimes to start at left guard.

Salyer looked really good in camp and in the preseason and with how Feiler is playing at left guard, Salyer might not be a worse option. It could even help Feiler turn his season around as a change of scenery at tackle with blocking help from tight ends could have a positive impact.

Unfortunately, based on how Brandon Staley and the Chargers have operated in the past with situations like this, it seems very unlikely that they would make any sort of offensive line shift. Instead, it seems like the team would just hand the right tackle duties over to Storm Norton.

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That is a scary thought for Chargers fans. Luckily, the upcoming stretch of games if more than manageable for the Bolts.