5 easiest defenses Justin Herbert and the Chargers face in 2023

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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2. Chicago Bears

Many people would rank the Chicago Bears as the worst defensive team in the league. After all, the Bears were the worst defensive team in the league last season and it was not particularly close. Chicago ranked 32nd in defensive DVOA, 32nd in points allowed and 29th in total yards allowed.

Chicago should at least take some step forward and shouldn't be the worst defensive team in the league next season. After all, the Bears did add some talent to the defensive side of the ball that should help turn things around in 2023.

But they still are not going to be a good defensive team or relatively close to that. Chicago should be considered a lock to be a bottom-five defensive team in the league and as long as the Chargers don't get in their own way they should be able to have a monster game.

This Bears game feels very similar to the Cleveland Browns games from the last two years. The Browns had one of the best rushing attacks in the sport and could take advantage of the Chargers' weaknesses against the run. They also had a bad defense so the result was an offensive shootout.

That could be the case here. The Chargers are not geared well for a Justin Fields-led offense and that could give the Chargers a lot of headaches defensively. That will turn the dial up for the offense and we could see a similar game to the 2021 matchup between the Chargers and Browns.

Hopefully, it can be a bit more comfortable and the Chargers won't allow the Bears to score 42 points but this is a sleeper for being one of the best games of the year. That is why the NFL put it on primetime.