How many primetime games do the Chargers have in 2023?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There was a point in time when the LA Chargers did not get to play very often on primetime. The team was not playing very well without much star power outside of Philip Rivers, there really were some bleak years in which the team was only featured once or twice a year in front of a national audience.

That has changed in recent years. Justin Herbert leads a star-studded roster that has become one of the most featured teams in primetime. The Chargers were given the most primetime games last season with five and were then flexed into two separate primetime games during the season (getting their Week 18 game flexed out of primetime, though).

This year is no different. The Chargers 2023 schedule has been released and it is clear that the NFL wants to showcase this team on the grandest stage as often as possible.

How many primetime games do the Chargers have in 2023?

The Chargers have six primetime games scheduled for the 2023 season. The team has one Thursday Night Football game, two Sunday Night Football games, two Monday Night Football games and even has a Saturday Night Football game late in the season that will be the first fully-exclusive game on Peacock.

Here is a list of every Chargers primetime game in 2023:

Week 6 vs Dallas Cowboys | Monday Night Football

After a way-too-early bye week in Week 5, the Chargers will host the Dallas Cowboys in the last game of the Week 6 slate. Kellen Moore will have a chance to get revenge against Mike McCarthy and his former team.

Week 8 vs Chicago Bears | Sunday Night Football

This is perhaps the weirdest primetime matchup the Chargers have as this had all the makings of being slated late on Sunday afternoon with a high-profile matchup instead in primetime. However, there are some narratives here with Brandon Staley and Khalil Mack going against their former teams.

Week 9 at New York Jets | Monday Night Football

The Chargers will be on primetime in back-to-back weeks as the first-ever matchup between Aaron Rodgers and Justin Herbert will be broadcast on ESPN for a national audience.

Week 12 vs Baltimore Ravens | Sunday Night Football

This game is going to feel like Deja Vu from the Chicago Bears SNF game. The Chargers will be taking on a running quarterback at home in front of a national audience. Justin Fields and the Bears is a good warm-up for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

Week 14 at Las Vegas Raiders | Thursday Night Football

The Chargers' only Thursday game comes late in the season against a Las Vegas Raiders team that very well could be playing for better draft position by the time Week 14 rolls around. But hey, Raiders fans are going to want this game desperately after the shot the Chargers took at them in the schedule-release video.

Week 16 vs Buffalo Bills | Saturday Night Football

The Chargers play the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, December 23 in what will be the first game that is ever fully exclusive on NBC's Peacock app. Cable is not going to get you this primetime game.