The Chargers have the perfect Christmas primetime game for the NFL

Los Angeles Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Chargers v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

While the LA Chargers' 2022 schedule has not yet been released, we do know the 14 opponents that the Chargers play next season. Los Angeles will play the NFC West and AFC South with the three extra out-of-division opponents being the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons.

One of the Chargers' opponents, the Arizona Cardinals, will play a home game in Mexico City in 2022 and the Chargers could be a candidate for that game. If the Bolts are not in Mexico City then there might be a decent chance that the Bolts are playing on primetime on Christmas Day, as they have the perfect game for the NFL to schedule.

It was reported on Saturday that the NFL is planning to play two afternoon games and a prime-time game on Christmas this year, which falls on a Sunday. This is the first time in league history that there will be three games on Christmas and as far as we are concerned, the league should be penciling in the Bolts for the Christmas Day primetime game.

The LA Chargers and LA Rams should play on primetime on Christmas Day.

The Chargers "host" the Rams during the 2022 season and if there was any time for the league to schedule these two teams it is on Christmas on primetime on NBC. As an inter-conference matchup, there would be no decision to make about Fox or CBS as the game instead can be on NBC.

There are not many matchups that are more compelling in the 2022 season. This is the first regular-season matchup between the Rams and the Chargers since the two teams started sharing SoFi Stadium. Not only that, but these two teams could be the best teams in their respective conferences by the time Christmas rolls around.

The Rams are the defending Super Bowl Champions and should be just as good in a thin NFC next season. Meanwhile, the Chargers have the potential 2022 MVP in Justin Herbert and a roster that has been bolstered significantly this offseason and is ready to make a Super Bowl run.

Throw in the Brandon Staley-Sean McVay dynamic and this game is so marketable for the league to put on Christmas. Better yet, this matchup is better for all of the players involved, which is something the league should consider.

Nobody has to travel and be away from their families on Christmas with this matchup. Granted, that is part of the job, but both the Rams and Chargers players can be with their families on Christmas morning before kicking off at 5:20 local time for the national audience. This is significantly better than an East Coast team being on the road on Christmas and kicking off at 8:20 local time.

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This is such an easy decision for the NFL to make and is better for everyone involved.