4 dream mid-round prospects for the Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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The 2022 NFL Draft is less than a week away and what the LA Chargers are going to do in the draft is still as unclear as it was a month ago. While there are obvious positions of need as well as a potential big board that we filled out, there are so many variables in the first 16 picks that will dictate what the Bolts do.

Those first 16 picks won't just dictate what the Chargers do with the 17th overall pick, but what the team does in the rest of the draft as well. It goes without saying, the position that the Chargers select in the first round will have a ripple effect on the rest of the draft.

And while every pick is obviously important. it would be huge if the Chargers could land starting-quality players who can make an impact in year one in rounds three and four. That is far from a guarantee but it is possible if the Chargers land the right prospects.

There definitely are some dream mid-round prospects that would fit on the Chargers nicely.

The Bolts are not going to be able to get all or even multiple of these dream prospects. Some of them might not even be targets based on the direction the team goes in the first round. However, there is still a select group of dream mid-round prospects in positions of need that could come in and make an impact in year one.

Let's dive into those dream mid-round prospects, starting with the dream mid-round receiver.