Future Hall of Fame coach reportedly interested in Chargers job if it opens

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Brandon Staley seems to be a great hire by the LA Chargers. While the Bolts missed the playoffs in the first season with Staley at the helm, the team did have a winning record and established a new culture in the building.

Talent on the defensive side of the ball was lacking last season and this year the Chargers do not have that same excuse. The Bolts are one of the most talented teams in the league on paper and even in a stacked AFC West, should be a playoff team at the very least.

If the Chargers fall short and miss the playoffs once again it will be very interesting to see what Brandon Staley's future looks like. Fans can almost all agree that he has undoubtedly been a positive for the team but as we know in the NFL, owners can get impatient. If the Bolts fall short it is not out of the realm of possibility that Spanos has enough and gets rid of both Staley and Tom Telesco.

It would take a really bad season for that to happen and the chances of that happening are slim to none. But if it does, it wouldn't be shocking to see Spanos bring down the hammer, especially if he thinks he can hire a future Hall of Fame head coach to replace Staley.

Sean Payton has reported interest in the Chargers coaching gig if it opens up.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported that the Miami Dolphins, LA Chargers and Dallas Cowboys are three teams that could potentially interest Sean Payton to return to coaching. It does seem like a matter of time until Payton returns, so it might just happen whenever one of these jobs opens up.

According to the reports, the factors that weigh the heaviest for Payton is good weather, a good roster and control over personnel decisions. If the Bolts fall short because of coaching (again, unlikely) it does not change the fact that they have a talented roster.

They certainly have the best weather in the country in sunny Los Angeles and if there was an opening, there would also be a GM opening as well. That would theoretically open the door for Payton to have power over personnel decisions.

While Payton has put together a wonderful career with the New Orleans Saints that will get him enshrined in Canton one day, LA Chargers fans should be rooting against him ever becoming the head coach. If Payton becomes the coach that means that Staley failed or Spanos jumped the gun and fans should not want either of that to become a reality.

The Chargers are never going to be a true Super Bowl contender if they play head coach hot potato and Staley has already established such a great culture and system with the Chargers. If all that fails this season with all of the talent on the roster, then Payton likely isn't going to be able to fix it.

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But at the end of the day, it would be extremely shocking if the Bolts do fail this season. They should make the playoffs and meanwhile, Payton could get perhaps his no. 1 dream job when the Cowboys inevitably fire Mike McCarthy.