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3 thinnest positions on the LA Chargers roster in 2022

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The LA Chargers have one of the most talented rosters in the entire league that is geared up for a Super Bowl push in 2022. No roster is perfect, though, and that goes for the Bolts as well.

While there are some very strong areas of the roster, there are also some weak areas as well. Not only is top-end talent important but having depth is as well. The game of football is a physical one and injuries will inevitably happen to every single team.

There are certain position groups on the Chargers that would really struggle if they caught the injury bug as they are alarmingly thin heading into the 2022 season. LA is rolling the dice with these positions and they better hope they luck out.

The 3 thinnest positions on the LA Chargers roster:

3. Running back

The top-end talent at running back is no problem as Austin Ekeler is the best dual-threat running back in the league. However, the depth behind Ekeler leaves less to get excited about and this was a problem that the team had last year as well.

The depth running backs in Larry Rountree and Joshua Kelley are awful. The Bolts simply do not have a reliable RB3 option and that should be a concern for the offense in 2022. Granted, RB3 is not a super important position, but it can be with some bad luck.

The Bolts made a commitment to landing what they think is a solid RB2 in Larry Rountree. And while Rountree has a lot of potential and is really young, he still has not played a single game in the NFL. As a fourth-round pick, there is absolutely the potential that he flops as a pro.

When a team's second-best running back option is a fourth-rounder without a single NFL snap you know it is a pretty thin position. Luckily, there is elite talent up top.