3 recent draft picks that won't be on the Chargers roster come Week 1

Just because the Chargers drafted these players does not mean they are guaranteed a roster spot.
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Mark Webb

Those that follow Chargers training camp every single year will be shocked by this inclusion. Both in 2021 and in 2022 Mark Webb became one of the most talked about players on the team as he was balling out during training camp.

It looked like Webb would have a decent impact in his rookie season, even if it was just on the special teams' side of the ball. Then in year two, it looked like Webb was ready to step up and be a rotational defensive back that made a difference for the team.

His rookie season was hampered by a season-ending injury and he was put on the practice squad for his sophomore season. The 2021 seventh-round pick has played a grand total of seven games, all of which coming in his rookie season.

Some fans are still holding onto a potential Webb breakout season as it seems more likely with safety being rather thin for the Bolts. However, the way he has been handled indicates that won't happen, especially with the possibility of the Chargers signing John Johnson still looming.

If all three of these players miss the roster, which is the most likely outcome, then it would mean that the Chargers got almost nothing out of day three of the 2021 NFL Draft just two years later. Chris Rumph and Nick Niemann would be the only players from day three of that draft still on the team and it isn't like they have been huge contributors.