NFL Rumors: John Johnson to Chargers heats up after viral tweet

John Johnson has been rumored to sign with the LA Chargers for months and those rumors have only intensified.
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The LA Chargers did not have the headline-grabbing offseason that the team had a year ago but it was still a solid spring for the Bolts. The team was able to create ample cap space with restructures that allowed the front office to bring back the most important free agents on the team.

It seemed like the Chargers accomplished everything that the team set out to do. However, there were some offseason rumors that never quite came to fruition, most notably with safety John Johnson III.

Johnson, who had a career year under Brandon Staley on the LA Rams in 2020, was released by the Cleveland Browns as a cap casualty. It did not take long for Johnson to be tied to the Chargers, who still haven't made any type of move at the safety position.

As time went on those rumors started to get weaker and it seemed like the Bolts were simply passing on Johnson altogether. However, a recent viral tweet from Sebastian Joseph-Day has only stoked those flames, leaving many fans to believe that Johnson is indeed on his way to the Bolts.

NFL Rumors: John Johnson to the Chargers looks as likely as ever

Both Joseph-Day and Morgan Fox played with Johnson on the Rams and have made the transition with Staley to the Chargers. This is the kind of connections that gets someone signed and is why Johnson was so heavily rumored to begin with.

Plus, Johnson is casually sporting an LAFC shirt in this picture with SJD and Fox. That does not guarantee anything, but someone wearing an LAFC shirt probably wants to live in Los Angeles. Nothing against Cleveland, but if Johnson can return to sunny California he would probably want to do just that.

Plus, the Chargers have a legitimate need for someone like Johnson in the secondary. The team is trusting in Alohi Gilman and JT Woods at the second safety position, which is a bit dicey. Throw in the fact that Derwin James moves all around the defense and it makes sense to bring in an additional safety that is familiar with Staley's defensive scheme.

It is unclear why it has taken this long for the Chargers to make the move but it still seems like it could be in the cards. Johnson still has plenty to offer an NFL defense, especially one like the Bolts'.