3 Chargers whose production will take a step back in 2022

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J.C. Jackson
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3. J.C. Jackson

Yes, I am predicting the big-market free agent that the LA Chargers signed to see his production fall in 2022. That does not mean that he is going to have a bad season and I would not even call it regression as he is still going to play at a very high-level next season.

So how will J.C. Jackson's productive dip next season if he is still playing good defense on the receiver that he is defending? Simple. It has to do with his interception numbers as Jackson leads the league in interceptions over the last two years.

That is a much-needed addition to a Chargers offense that has not been the best at forcing takeaways over the last several seasons. While Jackson is undoubtedly a better ball-hawk than anyone the Chargers have had, it is unlikely that he can continue to produce interceptions at the level he is producing them.

Instead, having Jackson in the defense can open things up for other players to make plays on the football. The likes of Asante Samuel Jr. and Michael Davis do not have to defend the other team's best receiver very often, which is only going to make them better.

Meanwhile, you have athletic players like JT Woods who will be in the deep zone that can clean up the messes for the likes of Jackson and Derwin James by making the interception.

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Jackson himself may not finish the 2022 season with the high number of interceptions that fans are hoping for but he is still going to have an undeniable impact on the defense as a whole.